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Dare to Soar! NARPM 2011 Opening Day

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It was great to see so many of our Dallas Chapter Members at the opening of the Convention today. There is some great programming scheduled for the rest of this week. And there is still plenty of room and an opportunity for you to register on site. Below is the link for Thursday and Friday’s Schedule.

Today’s Business Leader Development was fantastic! We got a dose of Disney, from Dennis Snow who shared his lessons from the Mouse. It was an excellent seminar focusing on the development of world class customer service. By creating a positive powerful experience in which your customers/clients feel valued, you can cultivate intense customer loyalty.

After a brief get together in our hospitality room – #726 – we all headed to the Opening Session. Our Keynote speaker, Linda Larson, challenged us all to elevate our thinking, visualize positive opportunities and improve our communication skills – and improve out bottom line.

It’s now a little after 9pm and I can promise you several of our Chapter Members are still at Chaucer’s off of Beltline in Addison, watching the game and entertaning our Property Management friends.

The Trade Show is now open and tomorrow morning you can stop in and grab breakfast with the exhibitors 7.15am – 8.45am.

At 9.00 am, Dr. Mark Dotzour, from Texas A&M University, will be there tomorrow morning to give us an update on our current economic environment and how it will impact our business. Following the Economic Forecast, it is your choice of open workshop sessions.

If you are a Dallas NARPM member, you should definitely come out for the day. It is money well spent on your business development.


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Staying Cool in Triple Digit Dallas Heat

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We are almost 2 months in to triple digit Texas temperatures with little to no relief in sight.   As  a property manager, the most common maintenance call we receive during this time of year is about the A/C unit NOT cooling.   One of the best tips I can give residents is to make sure you are changing your A/C Filter on a monthly basis (unless you are using a 3M filter).

The home warranty companies must also be receiving a high volume of A/C calls because I received these great reminders from Nations Home Warranty .  Many Thanks to those skilled technicians who keep us cool during this Texas Heat Wave.


  • Air Conditioning systems are designed to produce a temperature split or a “Delta-T” on Home Inspection reports, between 15-22 degrees from inside the home measured before and then after the evaporator coil.
  • If the temperature split is higher than 22° or less than 15° that indicates that the air conditioning system should be serviced by a licensed HVAC company.
  • Achieving a temperature differential inside your home of 28-30 degrees from the outside ambient temperature is more than optimal. The ability of your A/C is highly determined by the age of the unit and the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Attic temperatures, in summer, are 140 degrees and UP. Therefore, air conditioning technicians are experiencing high volumes of heat exhaustion. Companies are struggling to keep them healthy enough to keep working.
  • When and IF it ever rains, exterior equipment cannot be serviced or installed because it is too dangerous for the technicians and rain can compromise the equipment. Additionally, the pressure readings are taken outside and it cannot be accomplished in the rain so servicing the A/C system would more than likely be a failed attempt.
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